• industrial automation

    Machine Building & Automation

    • Multi axis synchronized control of mixed motor types
    • from single NetPLC / NetPLC HMI, to enterprise level networking
    • Powerful enterprise configuration and management
  • motor controller


    • control fans, heating, CO2 and moisture sensors etc.
    • Networked control stations
    • wireless/solar sensors and controls
    • for greenhouse, vineyard, or hydroponics operations
  • programmable logic controllers


    • ideal for rapid R&D applications, where software development is minimized
    • simple to use multi axis synchronized motion with mixed motor types
    • easy integration of bump and attitude sensors

plc controller


Chameleon NetPLC Controller modules are industrial PLCs that can be used standalone or be networked. Extenders and Smart Extenders can be connected to the controllers to expand their functionality. All Modules, Controllers and Extenders, look like C++ objects with properties and methods when accessed via ChamNet, regardless of of their place in the network. Smart Extenders like the Smart Motor1 Extender module, have an integrated processor.

ChamNet allows central configuration and management from a single controller to an enterprise of networked work cells. ChamNet runs in the background on the 2nd core and provides transparent network messaging. Event Messages obviates almost all polling and simulates a multithreaded environment.

Choose from:

  • ESP32 Comms Controller
  • RP2040 Comms Controller
  • Triple RP2040 Smart Motor1 Controller (Q1 2024)  
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industrial automation


Extenders are modules that enhance the functionality of Controllers with all the common I/O types including ADC and DAC. Smart Extenders have an integrated microcontroller to offload the controller and to provide very real time control of things like motors.

For example the Smart Motor1 Extender with built in drivers can synchronize the motion of up to 12 axes of mixed motor types

ChamNet provides a transparent messaging system that allows remote Smart Extenders to look like C++ software objects with properties and methods, and Event Messaging to the Controller.

Choose from:

  • IO 2 Extender
  • IO 3 Extender
  • IO 43 Extender
  • 2 Channel CAN BUS Extender
  • 8x Relay Extender
  • Smart UPS Extender
  • Smart Motor1 Extender (Q1 2024)
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"The Chameleon NetPLC HMI controller allows us to integrate the display of the various experimental data for our prototype EV such as battery cells’ state of charge, temperature, etc. into one single unit. Its radio capabilities also allows telemetry to view these data in real time as the vehicle is driving on the track"

Ernest Goh, CTO

Pinz Motorrad EV Corp.