Terms & Conditions

By purchasing products from Blue Button Technologies Corp, you agree to the Terms and Conditions set out below.

Free Shipping is based on total values of goods total before taxes etc.


Blue Button covers all costs of shipping to your door.  We mean COMPLETELY FREE.  No shipping costs. No Duty or taxes.  No DHL admin fee.

US$ 100 - 199

 A fixed US$25 shipping charge applies.

Less than US$100

A fixed US$35 shipping charge applies.

Destinations with Canada

 In Canada all Shipments are by Courier or Canada Express Post.  All other cost outlined above apply.


Within 30 days of shipping

No questions asked money back if returned is returned in original condition and original packaging.  You must ontact support@bluebuttontechnologies.com before returning anything.  In Canada or the US contact us for free return label.  Refund initiated when goods received undamaged.  ANY OFFER OF REFUND IS TOTALLY VOIDED IF THE  ANTI TAMPER LABELS ARE VIOLATED.

After 30 days and before 1 year of shipping

This is the replacement warranty period. 

You must contact support@bluebuttontechnologies.com before returning anything. The unit will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of Blue Button Technologies Corp if malfunction is caused by a manufacturing defect.  If it is determined that the item has been subject to abuse, it may be repaired and incur a repair charge.  In either case it will be shipped free of charge.  If a charge is involved and the customer does not wish to pay they will incur the full cost of return by the Canada Post.  There is no free anything after this period, and often the least costly thing to do is purchase a replacement product with free shipping.  ANY OFFER OF REFUND IS TOTALLY VOIDED IF THE PODUCT ENCLOSURE IFTHE ANTI TAMPER LABELS ARE VIOLATED.


Manufacturing Defects

It will be rare that a manufacturing defect will occur because our products are tested before shipment.  Where possible test programs are installed in the product or are available for download for verification by the user.  Enclosures are manufactured by the best 3D FDM printers from PETG filament.  These cases are rugged and UV resistant, but slight cosmetic imperfections may occur time to time; these are not to be considered as manufacturing defects and in no ay affect the functionality of the product.

End Use

Suitability for End Use

It entirely the customers responsibility to determine if Blue Button Technology Corp's products are suitable for customer's intentions.  Our products are general purpose in nature and require specific programming to achieve any task; therefore we have no control over such programming and its function in combination with our hardware.

Life Support

Under no circumstances are the products of Blue Button Technologies Corp to be use in any manner of human or animal life support.


Utility Software

Blue Button Technology Corp provides various software modules to help customers use our products.  The software source code is provided on our website for free to be used as desired.  The latest versions are always available on our website under download.  It is inadvisable to change the software as we may modify the provided software as we see fit to improve its functionality and efficacy especially as it relates to existing and new products.  In our manuals for our products we provide sufficient information for an experienced programmer to use the software we provide, but will offer no assistance in doing so.  We offer no software support, except for moderating the forum relating to our products, and offering very limited guidance.  We expect our customer to be reasonably proficient with the Arduino IDE, and aware of the limitations of open source libraries that you may elect to use in conjuction with our products.  We are primarily a hardware company and provide software as a utility, while making no claims of suitability for any end use.