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Chameleon netPLC ESP32 Controller

Chameleon netPLC ESP32 Controller

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Chameleon netPLC ESP32 Controller combines a powerful microcontroller with a full suite of communications features, ADC, DAC, high current drivers and GPIO.  Their functionality is rounded out with an SD card socket and a dedicated HMI (Human Machine Interface) interface.

ESP32 and RP2040 Controller modules can be linked directly to eight Extender modules with a ribbon cable and many Smart modules using the ribbon cable or RS485.  WiFi and LoRa (LOng RAnge radio) linked Extender modules expand the number of modules and add range.

Controllers are compatible with the Arduino IDE and other development platforms.

Specs & Features

  • ESP32 PLC
  • WiFi FCC/CE AI Thinker ESP-07 with SMA antenna connector for longer range
  • HMI (Human Machine Interface) connector for Chameleon intelligent touch screen with sound using user triggered.wav sound files
  • ADC with 3 x 0-10V inputs
  • DAC 0-5V with GND, 5V and 3.3V power
  • Open Drain with 5 x 2amp outputs
  • General Purpose I/O - 10 x 0-3.3V
  • SD card socket – 2nd SD socket can be panel mounted
  • Chameleon Module Expansion Bus with power, I2C, SPI + 4 CS lines, RS485 + proprietary 'RS485 Busy' signal
  • Micro USB programming port for Arduino and other development platforms
  • ChamNet ready (Object Oriented PLC network via RS485, Ethernet, WiFi, and Dual LoRa
  • 8V to 30V reverse-protected power IN and OUT connectors
  • FCC, CE, and RoHS compliant
  • OPTIONAL: choose between DIN Rail or Panel Mount (eyelets for screws)
  • OPTIONAL: Ethernet USR-ES1 W5500 with RJ45
  • OPTIONAL: Real-Time Clock – DS3231
  • OPTIONAL: ATECC608A encryption
  • OPTIONAL: LoRa Kit: includes dual LoRa long-range radio FCC/CE AI Thinker RA-01 EU/NA/Asia with SMA connectors and 2 rubberized antennas for longer range
  • OPTIONAL: 2m/6ft programming cable (micro USB)

Why Chameleon netPLC?

Times are changing, and engineers need the tools to adapt. It used to be that you had PLCs only for SENSORS and CONTROL. Now, traditional PLCs are stretching into Motor Control, and Motor Controllers are stretching into traditional Sensors and Control. 

Chameleon netPLC has always had an architecture specifically made to embrace unlimited networking, a wide range of SENSOR (including some exotic ones like ECG and EKG) and CONTROL, but also an architecture that fully supports coordination of different MOTOR TYPES for MOTION CONTROL, plus a fully integrated HMI interface as standard.  It has specific bus functions and intelligent slave modules that optimize vector loading and synchronization.  These features are not add-ons like other PLC families but have been fully integrated from day one - the latest architecture for a truly integrated Sensor, Control including Motion Control capabilities.

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