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IO 43 Extender

IO 43 Extender

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The Extenders derive their power directly from a Controller module via the System Bus ribbon cable.

IDs are set using convenient 3 piano-type dip switches on the module, providing up to eight Extender modules plus the controller.

The IO2, IO3 and IO43 Extender modules have two 5-way connectors for +3.3V and GND.

The Extender modules are controlled via code on the Controller and are compatible with the Arduino IDE and other development platforms.  The code accesses all the IO on the Extenders via three simple-to-use functions

Specs & Features

  • 37x 2A back-emf protected Open Drain outputs
  • 37x 0-3.3V logic level (5V tolerant inputs) General Purpose I/O
  • Powered by 5V from the System Bus ribbon cable

Why Chameleon netPLC?

Times are changing, and engineers need the tools to adapt. It used to be that you had PLCs only for SENSORS and CONTROL. Now, traditional PLCs are stretching into Motor Control, and Motor Controllers are stretching into traditional Sensors and Control. 

Chameleon netPLC has always had an architecture specifically made to embrace unlimited networking, a wide range of SENSOR (including some exotic ones like ECG and EKG) and CONTROL, but also an architecture that fully supports coordination of different MOTOR TYPES for MOTION CONTROL, plus a fully integrated HMI interface as standard.  It has specific bus functions and intelligent slave modules that optimize vector loading and synchronization.  These features are not add-ons like other PLC families but have been fully integrated from day one - the latest architecture for a truly integrated Sensor, Control including Motion Control capabilities.

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